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#38 The Magic Wand Pen!!

The magician says: I lost my magic wand, but that’s ok because this pen has magical properties. Watch! The Magician shows his hand empty and tosses the pen into that hand and shows the other hand also empty. The Magician… Continue reading

#4 Can a Paperclip Float Puzzle!

Grab a glass of water, a towel and some paperclips and try your hand at floating a paperclip on the surface of the water. Can it be done? Metal floating? Maybe…maybe not!!
Steve Baker is a magician located in… Continue reading

#4 The Long Neck Dinosaur Balloon Animal!

The second favourite Dinosaur Balloon Animal enjoyed by young boys at all the birthday parties I have been to! Grab a balloon and start “Twisting”!
Steve Baker is a magician located in the Greater Toronto Area residing North of… Continue reading

#3 Six And Five Make Nine Puzzle?!

How are you with numbers? Can Six & Five make Nine? Come and give it a try! A real head scratching puzzle?!

Steve Baker is a magician located in the GTA residing North of Orangeville, Ontario.
Since 1997, Steve… Continue reading