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#11 Two Cards & One Coin

Show 2 playing cards front and back, show both your hands empty and then a coin magically appears from between the cards and slides onto the table!! It is a very clean and effective “sleight of hand ” appearance.

“Sleight” is written this way but it rhymes with ‘flight’ so that’s why you may have seen it written as ‘slight’, but it should be “sleight of hand”. Enough with the English lesson, now onto the trick!

Smooth is the word I will use here. When you are moving the cards in and out of your hands, you have to be smooth – which is to say: don’t stop, don’t fumble with your fingers and mostly don’t look at your hands or the cards too long-just a glance and then look back at your audience.

Any playing cards will do and you can use any coin that can be hidden behind the coins, which means any coin I have ever seen.

In the video, I say that cards are the most used item in magic and they are because if a non-magician knows a magic trick it’s either “pulling off your thumb” or a card trick. I always say there are thousands of card tricks, but Google just told me there are 69 million, 200 thousand hits for card tricks for beginners. So, there are a lot of card tricks out there!! And here is one more for you.

And strictly speaking this could be a coin trick, but don’t say that at the start of the trick or you’ll give away the ending reveal.

So, start with the coin behind both cards, any two cards will do-but I like to use matching face cards like the King of Hearts and Spades. Hold the cards and coin in one hand, with your thumb on the coin and fingers on the cards.

Start by taking the front card (the one not touching the coin) let’s say the King of Hearts, with your other hand and flip it around to show your dexterity (and also that there is nothing behind the card), then bring the King of Hearts back and place it between King of Spades and the coin.

Next take the King of Spades, which is now the front card (the one not touching the coin) with your opposite hand and flip it around to show your dexterity again (and also that there is nothing behind the card), then bring the King of Spades back and this time place it behind the coin, sandwiching the coin with the King of Hearts in front.

You’re done! Now, hold up one empty hand, then transfer the cards and coin into that hand and show the other hand empty. Finally, hold the cards with both hands as you move closer to a table top (or ask someone to hold out their hands), blow gently and release your grip on the coin and it will slide onto the table (or into a spectator’s hand).

The practice for this one is being SMOOOOOOTH. Go slow and keep moving without stops and starts and it will be Magic!

Steve Baker is a magician located in the GTA residing North of Orangeville.

Since 1997, Steve has entertained adults and children at private functions and large public venues to amaze them with sleight of hand, strolling magic tricks, mentalism and fun characters from to Parry Sound to Paris and from Lancaster to Lion’s Head, Ontario.