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Where else can you see Baker Magic Shows – In your home!!

I had a great time at Cassidy’s 7th Birthday party!! Look at the very creative cake that Cassidy’s mom made for the celebration.

When I’m not at the public events that you see posted here every month, I’m still doing magic. Where? In people’s homes, at the local community centre and even in the party room at the Galaxy Cinema or at the Kids Play Place.

The reason I am posting this, apart from the fact that Cassidy’s cake is wonderful – those cards are made of chocolate and everything including the bunny and the hat is edible – is that recently at a corporate function, a mom came up to me and said: “You probably don’t do kids’ birthday parties, do you?”

And the answer is ‘YES!’ I still love doing my magic for kids and their families. As a matter of fact, I have 4 different shows for kids under 8 years old. Why 4 shows? Because I have be fortunate enough to be invited back to people’s homes to do the brother or sister’s birthday parties as well, and I don’t want to do the same show twice for the same audience. Also, I have 2 different shows for kids 8 to 12yrs old and for kids 13 yrs and up I have created 2 older shows,suitable for your teenager and for moms and dads, too. And if your party has kids of all ages, have no fear, I have 4 mixed ages shows that suit all ages at the same time!! I know…it’s MAGIC!! I look forward to performing for you and your friends and family sometime soon.Bunny Cake