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This Next Trick Is Pretty Sweet…Explained!


Watch the performance!
Learn the Secret!
Obtain the moves to the Gimmick!
Build your own Gimmick!

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In this 20 minute tutorial, you will WATCH the performance of “This Next Trick is Pretty Sweet” magical effect as performed by Steve “The Great Steverino” Baker in Baker Magic Shows’ Virtual Christmas Magic Show. You will LEARN the SECRET method to achieve this miracle. You will OBTAIN the many moves necessary to utilize the gimmick* properly. You will UNDERSTAND how to CONSTRUCT the gimmick, step by step** (using two different methods.) Finally, Steve will perform and explain a BONUS TRICK!!

This is a 20 minute video. Please check your “Junk” folder if you haven’t received the email and link. For any issues contact us at

*a gimmick is a term used by magicians to indicate a secret piece of equipment used during the performance of magical effects.
**Children will require parental assistance to construct the gimmick.