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Virtual Christmas Magic Show


Interactive! Fast Paced! 30 minute length! For Kids ages 2 to 92 yrs! We Wish You A Magical Merry Christmas! Enjoy the show!


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This interactive (yes, even though it is virtual), amazing, fast paced, and intimate 30 minute magic show that is geared to children of all ages (2 to 92 yrs), will have you wondering: “How did he do that?”, smiling, laughing and spell bound. You’ll be left wanting MORE, after Steve “The Great Steverino” Baker performs a variety of magical styles from sleight of hand close up to large scale stage illusions on your TV or computer screen. His Virtual Hands are quicker than your Live Eyes! NO CAMERA TRICKS are used in the PERFORMANCE of THESE MAGICAL EFFECTS!!


This is a 30 minute performance. The video file size is 265 mb. Please check your “Junk” folder if you haven’t received the email and link. For any issues contact us at