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#20 The Classic Coin From Ear

The Magician borrows a coin from a spectator. He tosses the coin from one hand into the other, blows on his closed fist, and slowly opens his fingers to show the coin has vanished. Where did it go? Looking towards… Continue reading

#17 Card to Name & Egg on Card

A spectator’s card is shuffled into the deck of cards. The magician asks the spectator to think of the card they chose. After looking through the deck and apparently having trouble with his psychic ability, the magician turns the deck… Continue reading

#16 Water to Ice

The Magician prepares for the science experiment by putting on safety goggles and preparing the area with an absorbent cloth, then measuring all the apparatus involved. Once ready, a small amount of water is poured into a cup, then after… Continue reading

#15 The Way To Get More Money

The magician shows a $5 bill front and back and says: “Here is the way to get more money.” The magician folds the $5 bill once, twice, three and four times and then blows on the bill. When the bill… Continue reading

#14 Psychic Bingo

The magician asks a volunteer to use their psychic ability to divine the number concealed in a box which is in full view of the audience. The volunteer reaches into a clear Ziplock bag filled with dozens of Bingo chips… Continue reading

#13 The Anti-Gravity Ring

A finger ring is suspended on a piece of string. After a discussion on gravity, the ring slides down the piece of string, but then a moment later the ring goes against gravity and starts to move up hill on… Continue reading

#12 Ancient Hieroglyphics from Egypt

A freely chosen unknown card is placed into the Egyptian tomb and it’s identity is revealed by Ancient Hieroglyphics which appear magically when the tomb is folded over!

Making up a story for a magic trick is a welcome change… Continue reading

#11 Two Cards & One Coin

Show 2 playing cards front and back, show both your hands empty and then a coin magically appears from between the cards and slides onto the table!! It is a very clean and effective “sleight of hand ” appearance.

“Sleight”… Continue reading